Vector Motorsports

Vector Motorsports is a full service performance shop and has pioneered some very innovative products over the years. A couple recent examples are the HSRK (Heat Soak Reduction Kit) and the DashHawk. Although the DashHawk is a MSI/Edge product I know from first hand experience that Vector was instrumental in its development and continues improving its long list of features. See more about the DashHawk here.

For this test, I am using a Vector CAI and performance tune. This tune is running with ADM's E-fan kit and Underdrive pulleys.

NOTE: There is a New Version of the Vector intake that supersedes the one shown here. Click here for more details.

This is the Vector version of the CAI. There are probably more Vector intakes out in the field for the TBSS than any other intake.

With the exception of the stock intake, the only two intakes I have installed are this one and the ADM 100mm system.

Let me preface the comments that follow with an it " might not matter statement". Since I have no way of testing flow I can't make any type of statement saying it doesn't work as needed.

However.... I will say its not nearly as impressive as the ADM intake from an engineering standpoint. One thing I don't like is that the K&N filter just lays on the bottom of the air box which obviously reduces air flow to that lower section of the filter.

The ADM intake has a nice filter neck with foot (see picture) that holds the filter intake in place and keeps the K&N up off the washer fluid tank.

My second beef is all the little pieces. I had no doubt when assembling the ADM that I had good overlap on the couplers and the clamps were secure. I did not get the same level of comfort with the Vector intake. I am probably going to remove the intake and mark the circumference of the tubes with a marker so I can be assured I have good overlap.

For whatever reason the Vector intake is L-O-U-D. You would think it would be similar to the ADM, but it is much louder on this truck.

In summary the ADM piece looked and felt like something from a Formula 1 car where the Vector felt like something I picked up at the local auto parts store. Back to my original disclaimer... It might not matter and the proof will be in the results !

I am not sure I would suggest buying an intake from one vendor and a tune from another. As you can imagine the potential for "finger pointing" is too great. So make your decision based on the total package.

Performance results

The first run with a Vector tune was not good because I ordered a 93 tune and should have ordered their 91. ( I am running BP 92 Octane Fuel). The chart to the right (click for larger image) shows timing (white line) and knock reduction (red line). For reference, the knock reduction is 11.5 degrees ! Because of knock reduction the timing has been immediately reduced to about 10.5 degrees. This is at least 10 degrees less than the truck should run for optimum performance. Because of the slow decay rate at which the ECM gives timing back (see gradual ramp down) I had no "performance" timing during the 1/4 mile run until the run was over. Serious hit in ET.

So I received the proper Vector (91 tune) which looked a lot better after logging it. Timing was in check, had minimal KR (basically none) and torque management was in place. If anything it seems like too much TM. Click here for a chart showing TM. This was a great running tune but lacked in performance to the first tune Vector sent. I mentioned it to them and they built me a new modified tune "in between" that ran great. No complaints on this one.

The results on the left are the truck as delivered and comparison runs with other vendors. These are the best results from multiple runs including 3 different tunes sent from Vector.

Complete Results including corrected ET You can see the results here in pdf including the corrected times.

The actual comparison chart between vendors can be found on the Results and Comparisons Page

This turned out to be the all around best vendor or possibly the only vendor.

How Vector Rates !


Service & Availability
Fit & Finish
Delivery Time
& operability

3.5 stars - Contact methods can be a little tough at times. There have been some known issues on the best way to contact Vector sales. Phone always works, but private messaging and email sometimes are delayed
4 stars - More than adequate. Not as high of build quality as ADM intake, but probably doesnt matter.
4 stars - Had some communication issues which I might have contributed to. Was a little slow on intake but overall it was fair. Have been known to run out of stock. I guess that might be considered a good thing.
5 stars - Everything works. Its the only tune out of the 3 I tested to run well and not knock.