Headunit replacement

Head unit installation was pretty easy with only a couple modifications. First remove the Dash. See Crutchfield instructions here.

Once you remove the dash the factory headunit is removed using the 3 screws on the front. Pull the headunit out and disconnect the antenna and harness connectors from the back.

The factory headunit has a plastic support pin on the back. That slides into a support hole when you install it. Without this pin your new head unit will be hanging from the double din faceplate. To help support the head unit I added a small metal foot with a rubber pad on it. (see red arrow in figure 1)

Also to allow my new Avic Z2 and a lot of other aftermarket head units you need to trim some plastic inside the dash. See Figure 1 (green lines).

I used a Metra 99-2003 mounting kit to install. Headunits (including mine) with a faceplate that hinges out will require some hand filing to allow proper clearance fo faceplate to tilt out.

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Figure 1 (click for larger img)
Figure 2
Headunit (click for larger img)