Front door speaker replacement

In the fronts I chose JL Audio 6.5" components (XR650-CSi). I decided to use the factory speaker wires which worked out for an easy install. Getting wires through the front door boots can be quite a challenge so consider not replacing them.

The front door housings are a teardrop shape and allow easy installation of the tweeter. I chose this location to maintain image. JL Audio recommends keeping the tweeters within 8" of the woofers.

The JL CSi series come with a small housing basket to install the tweeter. With a small amount of trimming this basket will fit perfectly at the point of the teardrop.

You will note in the "JL Audio" picture to the bottom-left I have made fillers to seal the woofer from the tweeter. It really doesn't matter as the door is full of openings (unsealed) so I doubt my extra efforts help anything.

Original speaker connectors were removed and the OEM wiring was connected directly to the inputs of the crossover. Crossover location allows for door panel clearance. Make sure your door panel fits before mounting the crossover permanently.

To remove door panel click here for instructions courtesy of Crutchfield.

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