Amp Installation


I decided to buy a five channel amp that would run my front and rear door speakers and the new Stealthbox sub. JL Audio makes an excellent five channel amp (model 500-5) that fits the bill perfectly. It provides 100 watts per channel to the fronts, 25 wpc to the rears and 250 watts to the sub.

Instead of drilling a bunch of holes in the truck floor I created a false floor to drop in the rear cubby. This allowed me to mount the amp and related components to false floor and conceal the wiring below.

The floor is a snug fit and is made from 1/4" plywood with a couple strips on bottom for support and short blocks to better attach the amp.

It has been covered with sub box carpet using carpet glue.

In the bottom picture you can see the 4 gauge power cable where it comes into the cubby hole. This is under the false floor in the final installation. Click here for the complete 4 gauge wiring details.

OEM speaker wiring colors can be found here

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