RPM Transmission upgrade


Update: Below are parts and information related to the Stage V from RPM. I have since upgraded to the Stage VI transmission which includes a 300m hardened output shaft. I did this because I forged the motor and will be spraying a decent shot of N20.

I highly encourage anyone with an AWD to use the 300m shaft regardless of mods. Its not as critical on the 2WDs but still highly recommended. When you break an output shaft it has the potential to destroy the transmission including the case.

The output shaft breakage has not always been known but its coming to light now with trucks with more mods and those that dead hook.

This is transmission number two in this truck and includes the following:

  • Media blast transmission case RPM sleeved input drum
  • RPM 3-4 clutch pack RPM sunshell with laser welded collar and bearing
  • Heavy Duty double caged 29 element sprag
  • 4L65E low roller clutch
  • Billet 4th gear servo
  • Transgo HD-2 shift kit
  • Corvette Servo
  • Wide 2-4 band Updated aluminum accumulator piston
  • Bushing kit
  • New shift solenoids
  • New wiring harness
  • New GM valve body spacer plate GM 5 pinion planetary gearsets - front and rear
  • Seal & gasket kit
  • Filter
  • Set clutch and band clearances to RPM specifications

I broke this one on about 50 miles even though RPM said that was done on the dyno. The difference between the 3200 Yank and 3600 Vigilante is amazing. The Vig is much looser than the Yank but still plenty drivable. I can tell you after a week of driving my "in city" mileage has suffered because of the looseness. I am still a big supporter of Yank and think their converters are first rate. The Yank might be a better choice for some users.

The manners of the RPM compared to the one I had built using Phoenix parts are night and day different. The RPM shifts 100x better even though it uses the same shift kit.

RPM (and FLT for that matter) recommend using a Corvette 1-2 Servo when using a shift kit. They say the Sonnax and other billets are too agressive when using a shift kit. After having both, I tend to a agree. RPM also uses special springs in the shift kit in some locations to refine things even more.



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