Harris ships the kit with a 6AN main feed line for the nitrous, 4AN fuel line to run from fuel rail to solenoid and two 3AN lines to run from solenoids to plate. Nick at Harris Speed Works was kind enough to delay shipping of the hoses so I could tell him exact lengths after getting my system laid out.

The only thing plumbing related I had to order elsewhere was 45 degree fittings for the outlet of solenoids and fuel inlet. The way I mounted solenoids left the hoses pointing straight up which I did not like. I talked to Harris about 90 degree elbo's but they advised against them and recommended I ordered 45 degree ones from someone like JEGs.

You have a couple options when running the nitrous main feed line on a TBSS. Either through the interior which requires you running hose through the large firewall grommet (See figure 1) or along the frame rail which will require drilling a hole up through the floor in the back of the truck. I chose the first option not wanting to drill my floor.

Once through the firewall I ran the hose down along the parking brake (See figure 2) and along the drivers sill plate (Figure 3). I already had a 4 guage feed line for my audio amp in the back. There was still plenty of room to ty-wrap the hose in place along with bottle wiring (heater, transducer and remote opener) and install the sill plate. Once reaching the cargo area I brought the line out under rear side panel (Figure 4). See audio section here for real panel removal. My installation used 16' of hose from bottle to solenoids and was a perfect fit.

I mounted my solenoids on a custom plate I created in AutoCAD. I had it powdercoated silver to match the truck. (See Figure 5). The plate uses an existing thread boss on the intake and has a hole that allows the orginal engine cover fastener to pass through so cover works. (requires clipping small tabs off bottom of cover). The purge relay fastens to this same plate.

Figure 5 also shows the 45 degree (optional) connectors. Make sure you use approprate thread sealer and NOT thread tape.

blowdownSomething I cheated on and may have to change later. I ran my blowdown tube through my custom plate and cut it off at the carpet, once again not wanting to drill a hole through the floor of my truck. To allow it to vent I drilled a few 3/8" holes on the front of the tube not visible from the rear of truck. This blow down tube is a NHRA requirement and is also used by many tracks. However it's not widely enforced and several of my nitrous junky friends informed me they dont even use one. Click image for a larger view.

The "custom plate" was added so I could use existing cargo hook locations to mount bottle. Plate is 1/4" aluminum and powdercoated. Cargo hooks were reinstalled and are still functional. Longer fasteners were required. Click image for a larger view.




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