I chose a "wet" plate kit for the simplicity & cleanliness of installation. Some will debate that a "sharks nozzle tip" is the way to go and we are not here to confirm or deny that. As I said I chose this kit because of cleanliness of the installation.


The wet kit included the following:
1 10 Lb. HSW Nitrous Bottle (Black)
1 Pair of S.S. Quick Disconnect Bottle Brackets
1 PowerMax 3-Port N2O Solenoid (.125 Orifice – Up to a 400 HP Shot)
1 PowerMax 2-Port Fuel Solenoid (.250 Orifice – Up to a 400 HP Shot)
8 Nitrous Jets (100 HP, 125 HP, 150 HP, and 200 HP)
1 HSW 90mm EFI Wet Plate (Anodized Aluminum) See video
1 Misc. Hardware for Plate Installation (Anodized Aluminum | Stainless Steel)
1 6AN Bottle Nut (Stainless Steel)
1 WOT (Micro) Activation Switch & Bracket
1 Arming Switch
1 40 Amp Relay & Harness
1 HSW Nitrous Pressure Gauge (Mounts directly on Nitrous Bottle)
1 Electrical Pack (15’ (feet) of wire & all Electrical Connectors (Weather Tight)

I added the following options/items:
Harris Remote Bottle opener
NX Maximizer II controller
NX Pressure Transducer
Harris Bottle heater kit
Harris Blow Down Kit

In addition....
Custom switch panel
Custom bottle bracket
Custom solenoid bracket
Miscellaneous weatherpack connectors, wiring, etc.

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