C6 style E-fan installation


This installation was completed using a PWM C6 kit from ADM Performance. PCM of NC now offers a similar kit which will install the same way except it has improved plug and play so you can disregard the electrical instructions below.

1) Disconnect Battery Ground

2) Raise front end of Vehicle

3) Remove lower Radiator hose and drain coolant into a pan. (you will reuse coolant later)

4) Remove Air Intake piping system. To do this you will need to remove air box cover which is held in place with 4 screws. You will also need to disconnect the  PCV valve/hose (figure 1) and the MAF electrical connector (figure 2) Note: The MAF connector has a locking tab
Remove the hose clamp that connects the intake to the throttle body.

5) Cover throttle body with tape to keep debris out.

6) Remove the three plastic retainers and two 7mm screws from radiator top trim. (figure 2A)

7) Once the radiator coolant has drained you can disconnect the upper hose from the radiator .

8) The easiest way to remove the fan nut where it attaches to the water pump is to use an air chisel. The nut comes loose counter-clockwise. Once the nut is loose you can turn it by hand or a wrench. But DO NOT completely remove the nut at this point. Leave it on a couple threads.

9) Remove the electrical fan connector (figure 3) from the upper fan shroud on drivers side near the battery box. This connector has a locking tab as well.
10) Remove all retainers from the fan
shroud so it can be removed.
This includes two rubber “flaps” on both lower sides.

The transmission cooler lines are also attached to the bottom of the shroud on the passenger side. It is about impossible to see these lines but you can feel them and snap them out of their “U” shaped retaining clips. (figure 4)

11) Remove the two 10mm bolts from the top of the radiator shroud.

12) Remove the fan and radiator shroud. This comes out as one assembly. Be careful not to damage any fins on the radiator. You will have to jockey this assembly around to get it out and past the upper radiator neck. Once removed you can set unit aside as it will no longer be used.

13) Install the new fan assembly. The new lower brackets bolt up to the existing lower fan mounts. Secure these first by dropping bolts down from the top and installing the nuts on the bottom. Use loctite and DO NOT over tighten.
Now, install the upper bolts into the existing locations.

** Steps 14-18 are for ADM fan only **

14) Route the electrical harness along the  ECM and TCM modules to the backside of the battery/fuse block area.

15) Remove the under hood fuse block cover and attach the power wire (10 gauge eyelet connector) to the stud marked trailer and secure with nut provided. Route the wire towards the engine so the cover will reinstall properly. Connect the ground wire to the location marked ground (figure 5).This requires a 10mm socket.
16) Remove the original 30 amp fuse for the trailer brakes and replace with 60 amp fuse (yellow) provided.


17) Remove the wiring connector shown in (figure 6) to expose the wiring loom. You will need to locate the factory fan controller wire. It can be found in the large loom that runs from the ECM to the under hood fuse block.

The wire is white with a thin black trace. Keep in mind there are two small white with black trace wires located in this loom. 
One runs to the fuse block and one continues on to firewall. You want to tap onto the one that runs to the fuse block
Remove the wire casing and carefully cut back the tape as shown in (figure 6A)

In (figure 6C) you will see an overlay of two wires both white with back traces.

The one that goes back to the firewall is the one you  DO NOT want to cut. The other one which continues and terminates under the fuse box  is the correct wire to cut. This is marked by the “X” (figure 6C).

Once you clip the wire indicated by the “X”, tape or shrink wrap the wire that goes back under the fuse block (figure 6D-B) as it will no longer be used.

Trim ¼” of installation off the end of the wire going back down to the ECM. (figure 6D-A)   

Review (figure 6E) for finished connections. The green wire is the new ADM fan controller wire.

18) Reinstall any wire loom material you have removed and re tape the wire loom joints in a manner similar to what was done at the factory.

19) Reinstall the ECM module

20) Reconnect the Battery

21) Reconnect any hoses that were removed.

22) Refill Coolant using the procedure below

Notice: The procedure below must be followed. Improper coolant level could result in a low or high coolant level condition, causing engine damage.

  1. Pour DEX-COOL removed from step 3 back into radiator or add new  mixture of 50/50 DEX-COOL antifreeze and deionized water to the cooling system through the top of the radiator until full.
  2. Install the radiator cap.
  3. Remove coolant recovery reservoir cap. If your SS has a coolant line attached to the throttle body, remove the coolant line so the air can purge from there.
  4. Slowly add a mixture of 50/50 DEX-COOL antifreeze and deionized water to the cooling system through the coolant recovery reservoir.
  5. Fill the coolant recovery reservoir with the remaining coolant.
  6. Install the coolant recovery reservoir cap.
  7. Start the engine.
  8. Run the engine from 1,000-3,000 RPM in 30-second intervals until the engine reaches normal operating temperature.
  9. Allow the engine to idle for 3 minutes before repeating the last step.
  10. Shut the engine OFF.
  11. Allow the engine to cool.
  12. Top off the coolant recovery reservoir as necessary.
  13. Rinse away any excess coolant from the engine and the engine compartment.
  14. Inspect the cooling system for leaks. 

23) We recommend a 160 degree thermostat at same time as install.