PCM of NC Transmission Cooler "kit"

transmission cooler

The SS is known to have a marginal transmission. Anywhere you can help it the better off you will be. A transmission cooler is an easy and inexpensive way to improve longevity. GM's internal radiator cooler just does not do that good of job.

I purchased a Long cooler from FLT last year but had not installed it because I really did not want to hack the lines and have not been able to find proper fittings.

I have a Yank torque converter sitting at the shop ready for installation knowing I need a good cooler before trying to run a stall.

I was very interested when PCM of NC announced a plug and play cooler that required no cutting of the lines. I ordered one and about 10 days later it shipped.

The kit includes (copied from PCM of NC site)

*Leak-free anodized aluminum AN fittings
*High pressure and wear resistant SS Braided lines
*Super high efficient alum. stacked plate heat exchanger rated for over 28,000 GVW
*Grade 8 hardware
*6061 Aluminum Brackets powder coated OEM black crinkle
*Plug and play with stock cooler lines

The installation instructions were much better than average but lacking in detail. The text referenced images that were not included ! Some parts of the installation are left up to the installer like where you run the lines. For a kit you would think they would give you some direction based on their experience.

My biggest issue with the kit was the lack of mount on the bottom of the cooler. PCM of NC uses a fairly thick cooler and it mounts in very close proximity to the front of the radiator (within 1/4"). I asked them about this and they acted like it was no problem and it would not touch. I could see otherwise and decided to add the L shaped mount (top image) which requred me to cut a notch in the lower plastic to allow it to mount (lower image) to the metal body color support below.

****UPDATE ****

PCM of NC has updated the kit to include a lower mount. See updated version image below. The updated kit includes a mount which attaches to the bottom of the cooler to the lower plastic radiator crossmount.

****UPDATE ****

This is without a doubt the nicest plug and play cooler on the market. You can order it from PCM of NC by clicking here.

The kit ships with two stainless steel hoses and two cooler lines with factory fittings. Very nice !! Can't say enough good about the plumbing side of things.

All in all I would highly recommend the kit to anyone that wants a transmission cooler. Adding the additional L bracket at the bottom is pretty easy and makes the kit a first rate install. My transmission temps are running about 25 to 30 degrees cooler than without. The kits are $249 at time of writing and can be ordered at PCM of NC site.