Results and Comparisons

Let me start of by saying this project was targeted for those end users like myself that are not going to bolt on a magnacharger, heads or install a new bumpstick. This review is for the drivers/enthusiast that want more performance out of their trucks with out blatantly voiding the warranty or refinancing their house. Based on the forums and the large quantities of mail I have received, this is 95% of TBSS owners.

I firmly believe that these 95% shouldn't need to know anything about tunes, connecting wideband gauges, tuner software, etc. This is the job of the tuner. We should be able to expect a certain level of professionalism out of these companies and we should not have to "check up" the work of the tuner.

It was my intent in testing to review all the vendors products and provide a recommendation on what the best CAI/Tune combo was to purchase. As I tested tunes (swapping modules in and out and trading intakes) it became clear that there might not be a best tune for everyone and that educating buyers on some of the possible pitfalls of getting a mailorder tune should be important .

This review is based on the quality of products, the end results (performance and assumed reliabilty), delivery, service and support. The final test Wester's tune (purchased from Tune Time) is using the Vector Motorsports intake. Tune Time sells the IEATSRT's intake. It's basically a direct knock off of the Vector, so we had no reason to blow money on the same thing twice.

OK enough how and why. On with the results.

Each vendor received at minimum five runs through the 1/4" mile. The runs were logged with HPtuners and the G-Tech Pro RR. The best of each Vendors run is shown in the results on the left.

Fortunatly, mother nature was on my side and I had the ability to make all runs in very similar conditions and a few in non similar conditions.

Click on the details under each vendors name below to get all the details on how they stack up.

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Tune Time


Executive Summary

I want to start off by saying I strongly advise anyone that buys a tune to purchase a DashHawk available at Vector Motorsports or some other type of scan/logging device. Please read the how do you know your tune is working section for my reasons on why this is so important.

During these test I have found faults with all three vendors tunes that basically rendored each tune useless.

The ADM tune had serious detonation (audible) and no torque management. This appeard on all five tunes that ADM sent me.

The Vector tune that I first received was a "93 tune" and had a lot of knock reduction which showed up with the DashHawk. The "91 Octane" they sent to replace it worked fine, but the performance was not as good as I would have liked. After sharing this with them they sent me a modified tune that ran great.

The Wester's tune had MAF (Mass Air Flow) issues on the first go around. I did not need scan tools for this as it would barely run !! The second set of modules they sent ran fine but was pulling timing becuase of knock reduction and like the ADM tune had problems with torque reduction. Wester 3rd attempt was almost as bad as their second but not quite.


In a nutshell, unless you can get your truck dyno tuned by THE actual tuner, then the odds of you having issues with a mailorder tune are likely. These "issues" might not be known without something like the DashHawk.

Availibilty and Follow up

Availibility and follow up. ADM was by far the best at following up and being available for assistance. He adds his cell number to his correspondence and I have yet to find him available. This was before and after the sale.

Vector was hit or miss. If you read the TrailVoy forum you will see that there has been some confusion on how to contact them. I am still not sure which number I am supposed to contact Chris at. Some PM (private messaging) has been turned off. Well apparantly the contact information has been made clear in a "sticky" but I really dont think its the customers responsibility to figure this out. There were times it took over two days to get a response. I am not even going to speculate as why.

Tune Time was about like Vector (hit or miss). Private Messaging seemed to work the best but I think they rarely check mail. During the presale process it took a couple days to get a response. Phone call never failed.