Bleeding Coolant System
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The TBSS is a little finicky when it comes to bleeding the air from system after draining the coolant. Many have ended up with a truck that overheats after installing the cooler 160 T-Stat. I am no exception as mine went to 250 degrees after e-fan and T-Stat install.

I have drained the coolant three times on my truck. Once for header install, once for cam install and once for the above mentioned T-Stat. Below is the system that has worked best for me as well as others.

  1. There is a small hose that runs from a crossover tube on front of engine to the heater hose tubing as shown in images above (see Figure 1). Disconnect the hose on either end. Figure 2 shows the connection to the tubing that runs to heater core.

  2. Fill the radiator with properly mixed coolant. You might try massaging the upper radiator hose a few times at this point to burp as much of the air from the system as you can while its cold. Just squeezing the hose at various locations usually works and the radiator level will drop as you do this.

  3. Start the truck and let it warm up until the T-Stat opens. While doing this you want to a) massage the upper radiator hose occasionally to burp the air and get the coolant circulating b) keep the radiator full of coolant and finally c) watch the small hose you disconnected in above picture. This small hose will eventually start to squirt coolant but will start out with either steam or aerated coolant. Once it is pure coolant you can reattach hose.

You may find you have to let the truck completely cool down one time and repeat the process.